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Sentencing and enforcement

We also speak the law - our law, because you are not allowed a lawyer! However, a voluntary declaration can have a mitigating effect. Fill out the form and appear before your judge! Nevertheless, we will collect our evidence, observe and follow you, our spies are everywhere! After the sentence has been read out, your prison conditions will be determined and you will be handed over to hand over your personal belongings and undergo a medical examination.

Isolation & Solitary Confinement

The concept of time and days will soon cease to exist for you. Cut off from the outside world you will feel totally controlled and no longer have any say in anything you do. Your cruel prison guards will decide your routine - when you eat, sleep and exercise - if at all. They may even ignore you, leaving you in isolation - totally helpless and wondering what fate next befalls you....

Physical Torture

Torture of the mind is only the beginning - your body will be pushed to its limits as you are made to endure the pain which your sadistic guards inflict on you. They will take pleasure in seeing you suffer for your crimes by using painful devices for genital and nipple torture, and hands-on physical abuse such as slapping, kicking and trampling.

Bootcamp & Military Drill

You will be ordered to perform drill and exercise, and learn to obey orders so that you act without thinking, becoming a number and no longer a name - your identity squashed just like your independence. Your strict guards have extremely high standards and will count your every mistake - they will relish punishing you for them, doing all they can to break you.


Bondage will be use on those prisoners requiring further elements of control. It could be as simple as being strapped down to your hard prison bed, or uncomfortable and exhausting predicament bondage - gagged and blindfolded, your sense of helplessness will become more apparent by the minute when you realise that only your guards know how long you will stay tied.


You will be treated as simply an object and a number - your guards will verbally abuse and insult you for being the worthless prisoner that you are and take pleasure in dehumanising you. As you are deprived of your basic human rights you will feel your ego and self esteem destroyed..

Corporal Punishment

Your two guards are reknown experts with fierce-some reputations in the use of implements to whip, flog and strike you with. Judicial punishments will be carried out using some of these methods. From bastinado on your soles, to the tawse on your palms; to floggings on your back, and canings on your rear - no part of your body is safe or will be spared.

Sessions are tailor made to each individual prisoner, and it is therefore very important to ensure that you complete the application form fully so that you have the best experience at the jail. All prisoners are unique (even though you are simply a number!) and your guards understand that everyone has different limits and taboos which will always be respected 100%. If you have other areas of interest that are not outlined here then please mention them - if they are areas which your guards also undertake then these can certainly be incorporated into your stay at the jail.