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House of Correction
§ Laws on self-reporting §

§1 Theft of physical or intellectual property when the male subject is under bondage or otherwise in property relations in particular:
- §1a Theft in general
- §1b Theft in particular of things entrusted to him

§2 The pleasure paragraph - is strictly forbidden:
- §2a staring at any female dominion, even if she is naked in the same room
- §2b contacting female staff of the dominion to initiate sexual acts or even escape
- §2c taking photos/videos on paper or digitally of any female dominance
- §2d acquiring black market fetishes for self-excitement such as clothing, shoes, BDSM toys (this is the sole responsibility of the female dominatrix and is used to establish the truth (interrogation), control or subdue her.
- §2e attempting to remove the chastity belt or preventing it from its intended purpose by defect
- §2f engaging in sexual services such as prostitution, table dancing, lap dancing, sexual massages, video or telephone sex, further enticement by another mistress via email
- §2g the offence against the prohibition of masturbation - potentiated by the accumulation in total as a penalty

§3 The possession paragraph - strictly prohibited:
- §3a pornography in picture and sound
- §3b money, gold or other valuables (e.g. jewellery, real estate, land, cars)
- §3c possession of any stimulant such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs
- §3d the possession of digital means of communication

§4 The Thought Paragraph - it is forbidden to:
- §4a to have any thoughts of freedom
- §4b to express them aloud
- §4c to publish or otherwise disseminate them
- §4d to try to influence other male objects with them

§5 Disorderly conduct:
-§5a not holding door open
- §5b not keeping parking space free, clearing it or even taking it away
- §5c not greeting someone properly
- §5d not fulfilling a wish expressed by a female ruler
- §5f chauvinism!!!

§6 Offences against court sentences already passed - Repeat offenders:
-§6a Chastity - for this, the frequency and nature of the offences is meticulously noted!
-§6b Prohibition to speak
-§6c §1 - 5

§7 Bribery and attempted bribery of any kind:  
- §7a Bribery of prison guards for improved accommodation, remission of sentences or even escape attempts when already imprisoned.
- §7b Bribery of the prison guard or female rulers in advance of a prison sentence in order to avoid, shorten or mitigate it. Here gifts and cash apply equally!
- §7c Bribery of other prisoners who, for example, are in open prison or have earned benefits over many years.
Here, too, the focus is solely on one's own benefit and is severely punished as in §7a and §7b.


The rulebook is being further developed.


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